Fikt bolti með kúlum

1.100 kr

Fikt bolti með kúlum sem gott er að kreista og snúa framm og tilbaka, róar lófan.

  • RELIEVE STRESS & TENSION – These squishy balls are designed to relieve anxiety and help promote better focus and clarity by helping ease bouts of ADHD, ADD or Autism.
  • COLORFUL, SQUISHY, FUN – Crafted with a soft, squishy membrane, these fidget sensory toys feature small rubber balls inside that bulge with every squeeze!
  • HOME, SCHOOL & TRAVEL – Squishy stress relief balls that you can take anywhere you go, our 3-pack of anxiety stress balls can be used in crowded places, at your desk, in school or at home.
  • KID-SAFE, NON-TOXIC – DNA ball that is non-toxic, odor free, and won’t leave hands tacky. Better yet, it’s durable and phthalate free for long-term use.
  • LONG-TERM SATISFACTION: Quality product that is guaranteed to last for the long haul without the usual wear and tear. The durability of our stress ball construction simply cannot be beat.