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frá Bouncyband
5.990 kr - 5.990 kr
5.990 kr
5.990 kr - 5.990 kr
5.990 kr

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Fidgeting with Wiggle Feet allows excess energy to be expelled while sitting at a desk, or in any chair helping achieve greater focus

  • Quietly enables movements while working as the relaxing deep pressure fosters the ability to stay on task and be more productive
  • Provide a calming influence as the dual textured surfaces; on one side flexible nubs and on the other small bumps facilitate just the right amount of tactile stimulation
  • Excellent for bilateral coordination, improving balance and stabilization
  • One size fits all - 12"x15"x2.5"
  • Customize firmness to contour exactly to each individual's needs
  • Anti-burst, slip-resistant high quality material
  • comes inflated with easy-inflation pump included