Hundurinn Manimo með þyngd 2 KG

frá Megaform
18.900 kr
SKU M592562

Hundurinn Manimo er mjúkur með þyngd sem gott er að hnuðlast með og jafnvel að sofa með. Hjálpar til með einbeitingu 2kg


The dog is human's best friend! Chic and elegant, this comforting weighted animal with a velvet coat brings comfort, soothes the excess of energy, encourages relaxation and sleep, reduces anxiety, promotes attention and concentration and helps to regulate emotions and behaviors. The manimo® weighted dog also allows to work on fine motor skills (the scarf can be handled) and can be a source of olfactory stimulation (the scarf can be perfumed). It can be used on the shoulders, chest, back or thighs.