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Social Skills

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Social Skills– Life Skills for Today's World is a board game based on the best-selling Life Skills Series games. This board game is not about winning or losing, but focuses on meaningful, life skills while promoting independence, socialization, and positive social skills and behaviors. Proven effective for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Social Skills help students talk about and learn how to get along with others in a variety of situations at school, at home, and in the community. Foster reading practice (Reading Level 2.0-3.9), listening skills, and expressive communication with 80 questions targeting four social skills topics: Manners, Getting Along, Communication, and Feelings.

Teacher's Guide

Social Skills features a Teacher's Guide with questions and possible answers. A notes section includes additional information reinforcing the social skill for the teacher or game facilitator to share with the students after they answer the question.

Progress Chart

A Progress Chart is included to document student progress on all questions in the game as well as social skills and behaviors related to game play.

Social Skills– Life Skills Game includes:

  • Game Board (20" x 20")
  • 80 Social Skills Cards (3½" x 2½")
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Progress Chart
  • Die (1½")
  • Game pawns (1¼")
  • Research- and standards based