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Seglakubbar Kindermag fyrir 12mán+

frá Polydron
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Seglakubbar Kindermag fyrir 12mán+ seglarnir haldast vel saman er ferhyrningar og þríhyrningar 48 stk pastel litaðir

Sterilize with Alcohol Based Sanitizer

Explore the magic of magnetic construction and polarity with Polydron KinderMag.

  • Introduce children from 12 months + to their first magnetic shapes with these neutral, pastel-coloured squares and triangles.
  • Stick together with a simple snap! The magnetic pieces can be stuck together with a simple snap to construct and create a variety of 2D patterns and 3D models.
  • 48 chunky pieces that are easy for young hands to use.
  • Super tough design and safety tested for children aged 12 months +.
  • Squares measure 7cm x 7cm.